Everybody is able to dance, any gender, any cultural brackground,any age - I welcome all in my open contemporary dance class! Thus I try to give ample room for dance techniques and encouragement to empower participants to try out new movements and reflect on their capabilities. Through dance technique and body fitness I give foundation for anyone to express them selves by dance and unfold their individual creativity.

Topics like value of our food, vulnerability of our life - supporting environment are important more than ever! In projects and collaborations I am part of I try to include themes which are related to preservation of our environment.

Austria is one of the EU countries with the largest wage gap between women and men, including the technical and natural sciences area. As part of the Duo rotk├Ąppchen we are not only fully aware of this state - but strive to make a postive contribution to development by promoting woman to experiment with state-of-the-art technologies like motion tracking. As a dancer, one of the few professions that has no gender discriminating term, I am a part of this tranformation.