Grasshoppers OPENMIC!

part of the Projekt "OPEN MIC!" in Kunsthaus Graz as an "IKO-Installation und Tanz" by Alisa Kobzar!
... after performing several times on a parking slot (La Strada2020) while musically supported by cunstruction work noises, passing cars and bikes- using the realtime situation in sound and space to dance...
...we thought about :
What happens if we change the location but take the movements and the sounds with us?
our gamerules haven't changed--> react on each other, support each soli and explore together the small area

As part of the event Open Mic! in Kunsthaus Graz we performed together with the music of Alisa Kobzar on Saturday 12.September.2020.....

this video is used only to give an impression of the performance!

Thnx alot to :
the Mulitmedia artist Alisa Kobzar
company Perwein for lending us one of their advertising tarpaulin